Kyle Gray

Hello, I’m Kyle Gray…

I am the author of The College Entrepreneur, a book that teaches students why they should start a business before they graduate and how to take control of their education and leverage their university’s resources to grow their business. This book is a collection of my personal stories as both a student and an advisor on my journey of navigating the university system, and starting a business that would allow me to live life on my own terms. It’s a guidebook for the 19 year old Kyle Gray that who had no idea what he wanted from life or how to get the most from his education.

I currently run Conversion Cake, a small agency that helps startups create great content marketing strategies and sales funnels.

I direct a startup accelerator at the University of Utah called The Foundry. This is a unique program where students can get school credit to work on their passion projects. The Foundry is an environment where students can teach each other how to navigate the challenges of starting a business. We use a simple system of documents to track our goals, and our weekly progress toward those goals, and we meet once a week to solve problems facing the group.

Previously, I worked as the content manager for WP Curve. I helped grow the blog from a single contributor, to a multi-person team of guest writers with documented systems and strategies. I wrote content that educated entrepreneurs on how to how their business with content marketing, manage a remote team and scale their business. Between writing great content and growing our writing team I built lead magnets, paid ad campaigns, email sequences and landing pages to help convert visitors into customers. I helped the startup grow to nearly 1 million in annual recurring revenue.