8 life lessons learned from student entrepreneurs

Over the fall, I had the opportunity to teach at a unique program at the University of Utah called The Foundry. As the instructor, I spent much more time learning from the participants than I did “teaching.”

Defense against the dark arts of the internet – how Facebook tracks you

In this post we'll examine how Facebook follows you online and collects your data using its dark arts. We'll provide some strategies and tactics to protect your data and your privacy.

Defense against the dark arts of the internet

Defense against the dark arts of the internet – the Facebook News Feed

Facebook uses the power of an algorithm to learn about what you like, what you believe and what you care about. It will tell you whatever you want to hear if you just keep scrolling through the facebook News Feed.

The 6 inner battles you’ll never win, (and why that’s a good thing)

What if you focused less on goal setting on the daily battles that play themselves out in small ways in your life, but add up to incredible results over time. You’ll have a fresh challenge every morning, always a new opportunity to better yourself.

The invisible currency of integrity

It turns out that most people are terrible at keeping commitments. But few people actually plan to escape a commitment or sabotage one. There’s no evil scheme or deception happening. So why does this seem to happen so often?

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