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About the Book:

Most students are struggling to find work that is interesting and rewarding when they graduate. You can’t follow the same well-worn path of “getting good grades and a degree” and expect different results. In fact, the most of the value and opportunities that a university has to offer lie outside of the classroom. 

"The College Entrepreneur" is about discovering your passion, connecting with mentors and leveraging your university's resources to build a thriving business or personal brand before you graduate. By starting a business while in school you’ll learn key skills and develop relationships that will lead to opportunities to do work that you love. 

This book provides simple strategies you can use to access little-known resources at your university, break free of the status quo and take control of your education to get results that you want. 

What readers are saying about the College Entrepreneur

"Upon finishing reading this I have to admit I seriously underestimated how significantly impactful university can be to grow your skillsets, build connections, and gain a wide range of experiences that will equip you for the real world whether your going to become an entrepreneur and start your own business or to get into the career you are aiming for."

"What a great, inspiring book for not only aspiring college graduates, but also for someone looking to change their working lives for the better. As a Peace Corps volunteer, I found this book to be direct and quite refreshing."

"If I would have had this book in college, it would have saved me about 10 years of 'through the trench' learning. Honestly, it's a must-read for college students of this generation, mixing insight about the 'new workplace' with old wisdom that has been lost" 

Kyle Gray, Author of The College Entrepreneur

About The Author

Kyle Gray is an entrepreneur that helps startups and small businesses grow with content marketing. 

He has written extensively on entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership and productivity. He has taught at a peer to peer startup accelerator at the University of Utah called The Foundry.